Discotek Announces The Rose of Versailles, Hajime no Ippo and More Releases

New restoration Blu-Ray release of Project A-Ko also in the works



Discotek Media announced during a stand-alone industry panel their next slate of licenses and releases, including new home video releases for The Rose of Versailles, Lupin the Third: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine, KONOSUBA Season 2, and more.


Announcements made during the panel are in alphabetical order.


Battle Athletes: Newly restored video release with both 26-episode “Victory” TV series and 6-episode OVA series on one SD-BD disk, including the Pioneer dub, and newly-translated extras with a scheduled release window of late 2020.


Battle Atheletes


Case Closed Movie 21 - The Crimson Love Letter: New dub featuring the same cast as recent releases coming soon.  


Case Closed


Devilman Lady: Previously released by ADV as The Devil Lady, 26-episode new Blu-Ray HD transfer directly from the original films that include the original dub, with a scheduled release window of early 2021.


Devilman Lady


Genocyber: 5 episode SD-BD release remastered from the Japanese masters, which also includes the UK/CPM dub, with a scheduled release window of mid-2021.



GinRei: New release will include a new upscale and interviews with staff, Media Blasters dub, a scheduled release window of late 2020/early 2021.



Hajime no Ippo: New upscale release with the entire 75-episode series (including the previously unreleased Episode 76) series across three sets that includes the Geneon’s English dub and Spanish dub, the Champion Road movie, and the never previous released Kimura vs Mashiba OVA with a scheduled release window of 2021. 



KONOSUBA Season 2: Full ten-episode release which includes the dub and second OVA, with a scheduled release window of 2021.


Konosuba Season 2


Lupin the Third - Tokyo Crisis: Blu-ray release which includes the Japanese and FUNimation dub with a scheduled release window of 2021.


Lupin the Third Tokyo Crisis


Lupin the Third - A Woman Called Fujiko Mine: Includes the Japanese with subtitles, FUNimation dub, with a scheduled release window of 2021.



Ninja Robots: Blu-ray release of all 43 episodes, first 20 episodes of the English dub, and extras, where they are also looking for members of the English cast and staff to interview about the series and find further English dub masters. 


Ninja Robots


Project A-Ko: New restoration Blu-ray release from recovered laserdisc footage in both full-frame and letterboxed versions, with a similar upscale effort on the three Project A-Ko sequel films, with a scheduled window of 2021.



Submarine Super 99: First time English translated release in a new upscale, with a scheduled release window of 2021.



Symphogear G: 13 episode release in HD plus extras, with the release currently TBD.



The Legend of Black Heaven: New upscale Blu-Ray release that includes the Pioneer dub with a scheduled release window of late 2020/early 2021.


The Legend of Black Heaven


The Rose of Versailles: HD Blu-Ray remaster release in two volumes with the first set scheduled to release in early 2021.



The panel also gave various updates to their already announced projects, including continuing to work on the Medabots Season 3 release, continuing to look for the English-language masters of Mon Colle Knights, Memories dub still in progress with the announcement that Magnetic Rose will be produced by NYAV Post, while Sound Cadence will produce Stink Bomb and Cannon Fodder.


Other upcoming releases announced included s-CRY-ed scheduled to release in Spring 2021, the Urusei Yatsura movies scheduled to release in Summer 2021, and the Lupin The Third The Secret of Twilight Gemini film scheduled to release in November featuring revised subtitle translation, original FUNimation dub, and an alternate PG-cut as an extra.




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