Free! TV Anime Studio Animation Do Gets Absorbed Into Kyoto Animation

Kyoani also released the financial summaries for both companies ending March 2020

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Kyoto Animation released their fiscal balance sheet summary for themselves and Animation Do today, showing the impact of the arson attack on the studio in July 2019 had on the financials of the Kyoto-based studio and its affiliate in Osaka for the year ending March 2020. Furthermore, the Government Gazette announced that Kyoto Animation will absorb Animation Do and dissolve the company.


Kyoto Animation Balance Sheet Summary:

Kyoto Animation Balance Sheet Summary


Animation Do's Final Balance Sheet Summary:

Kyoto Animation Balance Sheet Summary

Japanese summaries from, translations by Daryl Harding


The above balance sheets show that the effect of the arson attack had a mild effect on the income of Kyoto Animation last year giving the studio a net loss of 21,341,000 yen (US$202,718) of the year ending March 2020 – the Japanese financial year is April to March. Though the effect isn't as pronounced thanks to the release of Sound! Euphonium The Movie - Our Promise: A Brand New Day, Free! Road to the World - the Dream, and Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll in theaters in Japan last year. None of the money raised for Kyoto Animation went to the business, instead, the donations went to the employees and families involved. 


Kyoto Animation logo


Animation Do was a separate company to Kyoto Animation even though they were run together with Kyoto Animation president Hideaki Hatta in charge. Animation Do was established as Kyoto Animation Osaka Studio until it was incorporated as a limited company in 2001, then becoming a full corporation in 2010. Do mainly worked as an affiliate to Kyoto Animation, supporting their projects until the Free! anime series came along, where Animation Do produced the franchise mostly in-house with support from their sister studio. Kyoto Animation will dissolve the studio, though the fate of the staff and anime studio is yet to be known.


The next anime film from Kyoto Animation (with support from Animation Do), Violet Evergarden the Movie, opens in Japanese theaters on September 18.


Source: via UltimateMegaX


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