Check Out Vivid Cover Illustrations for Evangelion Manga Collector's Edition's First Three Volumes

The second and third volumes come with autographed colored papers of Rei and Asuka



KADOKAWA has announced the release schedule for the seven-volume collector's edition of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga (manga illustration: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto / original story: khara) and revealed cover illustrations of its first three volumes newly-drawn by Sadamoto. As reported back in February, the release was originally scheduled to begin in June but has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The manga edition illustrated by the anime's character designer Sadamoto started serialization in the February 1995 issue of the publisher's Monthly Shonen Ace, ten months prior to the broadcast of the TV anime. After taking several breaks, the final chapter to conclude its 18-year serialization, "LAST STAGE," was published in the magazine's July 2013 issue and its final 14th tankobon volume was released in November 2014. Its total print run in Japan has reached 25 million copies, according to the press release.


One volume of the A5-size collector's edition contains the contents of the original edition's two volumes. The seven volumes will be released for three consecutive months on the following schedule, and each volume comes with a bonus item.



January 26, 2021 release:


  • Volume 1 (1,800 yen): Postcard book featuring the Eva illustrations by Sadamoto 
  • Volume 2 (1,600 yen): Colored paper (15 cm x 13.5 cm) with an illustration of Rei Ayanami and a printed autograph by Sadamoto 
  • Volume 3 (1,600 yen): colored paper with an illustration of Asuka Langley Soryu and a printed autograph by Sadamoto 



February 26, 2021 release:


  • Volume 4 (1,800 yen): A5-size illustration book Part. 1 (50 pages)
  • Volume 5 (1,600 yen): Colored paper with an illustration of Shinji Ikari & Kaworu Nagisa and a printed autograph by Sadamoto



March 26, 2021 release:


  • Volume 6 (1,800 yen): A5-size illustration book Part. 2 (50 pages) 
  • Volume 7 (2,400 yen): Acryl stands of Shinji, Asuka, Rei, and Kaworu using the collector's edition's cover illustrations.



Volume 1:



Volume 2:




Volume 3:



Original tankobon 1st and 14th volume covers:



Source: KADOKAWA press release


illustration: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto ©khara


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