Shojo Jigoku no Doku Musume Game Heads West as Poison Control

NIS America shares announcement trailer for the PS5 and Switch game

Poison Control


NIS America recently announced another localization project, this time for Shojo Jigoku no Doku Musume, a shooting action game from the folks behind Penny-Punching Princess. This one is coming to PS4 and Switch in the west as Poison Control, with a release currently set for early 2021.


Poison Control will be available with Japanese audio only, and a limited edition is currently up for pre-order via the NISA Online Store for $64.99. Check out the announcement trailer below.




This shooter-meets-action title combines high-octane gameplay and a grim-yet-charming art style into one unforgettable adventure. Use Poisonette’s powers to purify areas of Poison Mires while blasting away enemies as her gunslinging Soul Mate. You can also customize your gameplay experience by choosing between a male or female Soul Mates, unlocking weapons and enhancements with each world you purify, and increasing certain stats of your Poisonette companion through choice-based dialogue.




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