Convenience Store Weirdos Join the Cast of Soredake ga Neck TV Anime

Original work from the director of The Machine Girl hits Japanese TV on October 12, 2020

A banner featuring the logo of the upcoming Sore Dake ga Neck TV anime.


The main cast has been revealed for Soredake ga Neck ("That's Just a Bottleneck"), an upcoming original TV anime that explores the difficulties of modern communication in the setting of a convenience store populated by slightly off-kilter characters. The main cast includes:


A character setting of Muto, a convenience store employee with a cat covering his face, from the upcoming Soredake ga Neck TV anime.


Yuki Kimisawa as Muto, a part time employee at the Hot Hot Mart. Muto is a kind-hearted youth who can't ignore people who are in trouble. Because he is serious and a hard-worker, Muto is well-trusted by his fellow employees and the Store Manager, and he also gets along well with animals.


A character setting of Tencho, a short, chubby, bespectacled, balding store manager from the upcoming Soredake ga Neck TV anime.


Toshimasa Niiro as Tencho ("Store Manager"), the manager of the Hot Hot Mart. Tencho is bad at communicating. He doesn't look people in the eye, so conversations with him are generally one-sided. Because severe social anxiety makes him smile nervously, Tencho covers his face with a mask.


A character setting of Adam, a foreign exchange student and part time employee at the Hot Hot Mart, from the upcoming Soredake ga Neck TV anime.


Shingo Ogaya as Adam, a foreign exchange student and part time employee at the Hot Hot Mart. Adam has only been in Japan for less than a year, so there are many things he doesn't know. Adam has been told since he was little that it's rude to talk about other people, so he won't mention it even if something is obviously out-of-place with a person's appearance.


A character setting of Nekomaru, the convenience store cat of the Hot Hot Mart, from the upcoming Soredake ga Neck TV anime.


And Masaki Sawai as Nekomaru, a stray cat that lives in the area around the Hot Hot Mart. Nekomaru doesn't really get along with people, with the exception of Muto, whom Nekomaru embraces wholeheartedly. Through Nekomaru's relationship with Muto, the cat takes on an idol-ish existence at the Hot Hot Mart.


A teaser image for the upcoming Soredake ga Neck TV anime, featuring the faceless convenience store employee, Muto, and the store's cat, Nekomaru standing outside of the Hot Hot Mart convenience store while surrounded by darkness and omninous weather.


Themed around the ambiguities of modern communication, the story of Soredake ga Neck is set in the Hot Hot Mart convenience store, where the mysterious young man known as Muto works in the company of Nekomaru, the slightly sinister store's cat. Is Muto the savior of the Hot Hot Mart? Or is this merely an ominous existence? What sort of stories await at the convenience store?


Soredake ga Neck is directed by Noboru Iguchi and features animation production by TIA. The series will broadcast on TV Tokyo on Sundays during the 26:30 time slot (actually on Monday morning at 2:30am JST) beginning on October 12, 2020.


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