Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III - Crunchyroll Fall 2020 Spotlight

DanMachi continues as part of the fall lineup this October!

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III


DanMachi fans, rejoice! Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III is coming to Crunchyroll as part of the Fall 2020 Lineup, with the new season of the adaptation set to begin this October. Join Bell, Hestia, and the rest of the familia and get to know some of the new cast members in our spotlight overview!


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Launch Time: TBD

Territories: United States of America, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Scotland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Middle East, and the countries comprising Latin America

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Since ancient times, humans and monsters have waged bitter war against one another in the bowels of the treacherous dungeon beneath Orario. Enmity between these races is an accepted and immutable fact — or at least it was until Bell Cranel stumbled across a young, blue-skinned girl in the dungeon’s dark depths. When this inhuman young woman speaks to him in the language of human beings and looks at him with all-too-human eyes, the land of Orario erupts into turmoil the likes of which it has never seen.


Characters and Cast



VA: Rina Hidaka ((Last Order in A Certain Scientific Railgun)




VA: Masaaki Mizunaka (Takuma Sakamoto in How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord)




VA: Yuki Takada (Aoba Suzukaze in NEW GAME!)




VA: Tetsu Inada (Nappa in Dragon Ball Z)




VA: Jun Fukushima (Ryuk in Death Note)




VA: Daisuke Namikawa (Rock in Black Lagoon







Original Creator

Fujino Omori



Hideki Tachibana (DanMachi seasons 1 and 2, Alice in Borderland OVA)


Series Composition

Hideki Shirane (Monster Girl Doctor, Date A Live)


Original Character Design

Suzuhito Yasuda


Anime Character Design

Shigeki Kimoto


Sound Director

Jin Aketagawa



Keiji Inai


Opening Theme Performer

Yuka Iguchi


Ending Theme Performer

sajou no hana


Animation Production

J.C. Staff


Additional Info


The opening theme for DanMachi III is "over and over" by Yuka Iguchi, who is no stranger to the series. Iguchi previously performed the first and second season OPs for DanMachi, as well as the Sword Oratoria and Arrow of the Orion themes. Her third season OP will be included on her new album.




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