Movic to Release Stylish Wrist Watches Inspired by Re:ZERO Heroines Emilia & Rem

Music boxes playing the anime's memorable songs will be also available



Movic has started accepting pre-orders for wrist watches inspired by Emilia and Rem, the two main heroines of the Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- anime franchise.


The Emilia model has a silver metal band, the dial's emblem, and green stones to express the image of her. Meanwhile, the Rem model has a black metal band and a dial decorated with the images of her costume and distinctive weapon. 


The price for the made-to-order items is 22,000 yen (about 209 US dollars). Pre-orders will be closed on October 14, and they will be available at the Animate stores across Japan, and Animate and Movic's online stores on March 26, 2021.





Emilia model:







Rem model:







In addition, two types of music boxes with memorable songs from the anime will be available from Movic at the price of 4,400 yen (42 US dollars) on December 18, 2020. The Emilia model plays the chorus part of "Stay Alive," the TV anime first season's second ED theme song, and the Rem model plays that of "Wishing," the insert song of the TV anime first season's 18th episode. Both items come with a special character illustration card to remember the emotional scene. 





Emilia model:



Rem model:




Source: Animate Holdings press release


©Tappei Nagatsuki/KADOKAWA/Re:ZERO2 Partners


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