Every Best Girl Is on Hand for the Rent-a-Girlfriend Exhibit

Cast of the anime will voice an undisclosed part of the exhibition



It's been three years since the premiere of the Rent-a-Girlfriend manga, the basis of one of this season's most popular anime. To celebrate, an exhibition is going up next month, featuring all your favorie girls.


The Rent-a-Girlfriend Exhibition will touch on both anime and manga production. Manga manuscripts will be available to peruse, and special videos detailing the production process will be available to watch. In addition, the anime voice cast will be contributing newly recorded lines to an undisclosed part of the exhibit.


Rent-a-Girlfriend Key Visual


Naturally, there will be all sorts of exclusive merchandise available at the event, including keyrings for each girl, manga frame pillows, clear files, and an art canvas featuring Chizuru, Ruka, Sumi, and Mami:


Mami keychain

Ruka keychain

Sumi keychain

Chizuru keychain

Rent-a-Girlfriend manga pillow

Rent-a-Girlfriend manga pillow

Rent-a-Girlfriend Clear Files

Rent-a-Girlfriend art canvas


You can also pick up a freesia STAFF hoodie, in grey or Chizuru's preferred pink:


Rent-a-Girlfriend hoodie


The Rent-a-Girlfriend Exhibition starts October 10 at Tokyo's Yurakucho Marui, and will open in Osaka on December 24.


>> Rent-a-Girlfriend Exhibition Website


Source: Comic Natalie


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


Who will you pick? Watch Rent-a-Girlfriend, now streaming on Crunchyroll!


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