"Macross Frontier" Sheryl Nome Singer May’n to Release Three Mini-Digital Albums for Her Debut's 15th Anniversary

A new photo book exclusive to her fan club members will be also available on October 21



To celebrate her debut's 15th anniversary, anison singer May'n,  best known as the singing voice of Sheryl Nome in the Macross Frontier anime franchise, will release three mini digital albums -"5Colors -soul tracks-," "15Colors -unplugged-," and "15Colors -nu skool-" on November 11, 2020.


After releasing three less-known single as Mei Nakabayashi from 2005 to 2006, she started her singer activities under the stage name May'n in January 2008, including the singing voice of Sheryl Nome. The singing works for Macross Frontier was a major breakthrough in her career. In addition to Macross, she has also performed theme songs for so many other anime series almost every year. 


"15Colors -soul tracks-" contains dance music from May'n's musical roots. "15Colors -unplugged-" is a collection of songs featuring May'n's singing voice, and all songs in "15Colors -nu skool-" is produced by the Grammy Award-winning producer/composer Jason Howland, known for his works for of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.


The CD jacket illustration for the three albums were drawn by Ichigoame.



Message from Jason Howland:


"I am so happy to have been asked to write these new songs for May'n to celebrate her 15th anniversary as a recording artist! In this challenging time where we are all struggling to stay connected it was a joy to be able to create beautiful music together - although we were on opposite sides of the world, we found a way to connect and collaborate, and to bring to life five new songs to share with her fans. May'n is a talented writer, a gifted artist and a beautiful singer - with a rich and soulful voice - and she brings these songs to life with exquisite tone and phrasing. I could not be happier with the result and I hope her fans love listening to these songs as much as I enjoyed writing them with her!"



"15Colors -soul tracks-" preview:


CD jacket illustration:



"15Colors -unplugged-" preview:


CD jacket illustration:



"15Colors -nu skool-" preview:


CD jacket illustrations:



Prior to the general release of the three albums, a 10,500-yen special set including the albums and a photo book "15Colors" will be released exclusively to her fan club members on October 21.



Photo book "15Colors" cover:






Source: May'n official website / YouTube channel


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