Takumi Kiramura in Zentai Suit Dances in Shibuya for Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro Live-Action Film

Ken Ninomiya (Chiwawa-chan)-directed adaptation has gotten a new release date of October 30



The forthcoming live-action film adaptation of Iipyao (story) and Yujiro Koyama (arts)'s comedy manga Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro has posted a short clip titled "YouTuber Debut Edition." In the clip featuring C+C Music Factory's 1990 hit song "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)," the film's star Takumi Kitamura (the vocalist/guitarist of the five-member dance-rock band DISH//) and his friends in zentai suit with a tonkatsu head are dancing in the center of Shibuya. As they are showing off their performance, the number of views of the clip is growing rapidly.


In addition to Agetaro's friend group "Sandaime DougenZaka Brothers" (played by Ryo Kato, Kouta Asaka, Rui Kurihara, Ko Maehara), the clip also introduces popular Japanese comedian Fuwa-chan (front row center of the photo above), who makes her film debut by playing herself.  


Kitamura says, "Wearing the zentai suit alone breaks my heart, but I felt the strongest because it was the same costume as everyone of Sandaime. I wasn't embarrassed about the filming in Shibuya. I felt more embarrassed when I was on the studio set surrounded by staff."


The Ken Ninomiya (Chiwawa-chan)-directed film was originally set for a release on June 19 but has been delayed to October 30 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.



"YouTuber Debut Edition" clip:




Full trailer:



Poster visual:




Main cast:


  • Agetaro Katsumata: Takumi Kitamura 
  • Sonoko Hattori: Maika Yamamoto 
  • Kuraudo Yashiki: Kentaro Ito 
  • Iori Oiri / DJ Oily: Yusuke Iseya 
  • Mitsuo Muro: Ryo Kato 
  • Kyuji Natsume: Koudai Asaka 
  • Josuke Shirai: Rui Kurihara 
  • Takashi Hirazumi: Ko Maehara 
  • Agesaku Katsumata: Brother Tom 
  • Koromo Katsunuma: Natsumi Ikema 
  • Katsuyo Katsunuma: Reiko Kataoka 



Source: "Tonkatsu Dj Agetaro" live-action film website / Twitter


(C)Iipyao, Yujiro Koyama/Shueisha, Movie "Tonkatsu Dj Agetaro" Production Committee

(C)Iipyao, Yujiro Koyama/Shueisha


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