Bushiroad Group's Gekidan Hikosen Launches New Mixed-media Project Gem Fragments

Hazuki Futaba (Touken Ranbu illustrator) designs the main characters



Bushiroad's group company Gekidan Hikosen / Theater Company HIKOSEN has revealed the details of a new mixed-media project "Gem Fragments" from its "Eigeki Live Entertainment" brand. The project's story is set at the Nouvelle Lumière Academy, where boys who have unique special abilities live. The main characters are designed by Hazuki Futaba, known for her illustration works for the Touken Ranbu franchise. 



The project has already planned its first stage play and the release of its first drama CD. The play titled "Gem Fragments" is scheduled to be performed at the CBGK!! theater in Shibuya, Tokyo, from December 2 to 6, 2020. The drama CD will be pre-sold in the theater, then in stores nationwide in 2021. General sales of the tickets for the play will begin on November 7.





Long ago, people who were attacked by unknown invaders revered boys who had developed a special ability called Psy Ability, and respected them as protectors of themselves. However, as time passed, the planet regained peace and began to loathe and fear those who possess the Psy Ability as a heresy that threatened them. Driven deeper and deeper into the forest and beyond, the gifted boys have escaped from the public eye and lived quietly in a school called Nouvelle Lumière Academy. One day, the boys who heard a rumor in the school that there is a festival in town open the unknown door that has been closed, and go out into the world. --The door to the future is now open.







Main cast:


Emeraude: Taishi Sugie (Yuta Hoshitani in Star-Myu musicals)



Bonnuer: Daiki Miyoshi (Nankaitarochouson in Touken Ranbu stage plays)



Comsokateur: Ginga Shitara (Doll in Black Butler stage play)



Sagesse: Shoichiro Oomi (Ritsuka Fujimaru in Fate/Grand Order THE STAGE)



Patience: Ryo Taguchi (Isuke Matsukawa in MANKAI STAGE A3!)



Chevalier: Yuma Sugie (Onigumomaru in Nintama Rantaro musical)



Source: Bushiroad press release


©GemFragments PROJECT


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