Check Out the OP / ED Animations for Assault Lily BOUQUET

Mixed media project based on action doll series is distributed in the U.S. by Funimation

Yoshimura Thi Mai lounges around with her "CHARM" weapon and a pair of cats in a scene from the upcoming Assault Lily BOUQUET TV anime.


Assault Lily BOUQUET, a TV anime based on the mixed media project by AZONE INTERNATIONAL and acus that features young ladies wielding over-sized, science fiction weapons, is currently broadcasting in Japan, and to celebrate the official Assault Lily Project Youtube channel has published the opening and ending animations for the series.



The opening animation (above) features the song "Sacred world", which is performed by RAISE A SUILEN. The ending animation (below) features the song "Edel Lilie", which is performed in-character by the Hitotsuyanagi Squad.



Funimation describes the story of Assault Lily BOUQUET as follows:


On the verge of extinction by the alien entity known as Huge, the planet unites to develop CHARM. Merging science and magic into a weapon, military facilities called Gardens quickly sprout up to train recruits in this nascent technology. Forged by nature and training, teenage girls emerge as a heroic Lily upon blossoming. Can humanity survive long enough for these Lilies to bloom and save us all?


A key visual for the Assault Lily BOUQUET TV anime, featuring the main cast of high school girls in their school uniforms wielding oversized melee weapons known as "CHARMS" against a desolate backdrop.


Assault Lily BOUQUET is directed by Shôji Saeki and features animation production by Shaft. The series is currently broadcasting in Japan, and it also distributed in the United States by Funimation.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: © AZONE INTERNATIONAL・acus/Assault Lily Project


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