Acclaimed Scenario Writer Shinji Nojima Works on Original TV Anime Wonder Egg Priority

Shin Wakabayashi (22/7 character PVs) serves as director at CloverWorks



Acclaimed scenario writer Shinji Nojima, known for his works for the highly-rated Japanese TV drama such as Koukou Kyoushi (1993), Ienakiko (1994), and Takane no Hana (2018), is confirmed to join the upcoming original TV anime Wonder Egg Priority as the original story creator and scriptwriter. This is the first time that he has worked on a Japanese TV anime series.


Wonder Egg Priority is the first co-producing work by Aniplex to team up with D.N. Dream Partners, a content investment company owned by NTV and DOCOMO. It is scheduled to air on NTV and other networks from January 2021. Further details including story and voice cast members will be revealed soon.


Main staff:


  • Original story/script: Shinji Nojima
  • Director: Shin Wakabayashi (22/7 Anohi no Kanojo-tachi character PVs)
  • Character designer/Chief animation director: Saki Takahashi (DARLING in the FRANXX episode animation director)
  • Planning producer: Hiroyuki Ueno (NTV), Nobuhiro Nakayama (Aniplex)
  • Anime production: CloverWorks (Her Blue Sky, The Promised Neverland)



Key visual:



Teaser PV:










Source: Aniplex press release




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