Rent-a-Girlfriend Exhibit Lets You Enjoy a Date with Your Best Girl

Special exhibition shows off new merch and features



Last month, we reported on a Rent-a-Girlfriend exhibition that would feature an "undisclosed project" voiced by the anime's four main girls. With the exhibit's opening this weekend, it's revealed its plans: a virtual date with your best girl!


Visitors to the exhibit will be able to purchase a color program including an interview with Rent-a-Girlfriend creator Reiji Miyajima. Included in the program will be a four-track CD — one each for Chizuru, Ruka, Sumi, and Mami — to play along with your walk through the exhibit, creating a virtual date with the character.


Rent-a-Girlfriend exhibit program with virtual date CD


New merchandise available only at the event has also been revealed. Shoppers can pick up one of four autographed reproduction manga pages:


Rent-a-Girlfriend manga: Chizuru

Rent-a-Girlfriend manga: Ruka

Rent-a-Girlfriend manga: Sumi

Rent-a-Girlfriend manga: Mami


More T-shirts based on the girls' fashion in the manga:


Ruka spiral tee

Chizuru and Sumi tees


And a phone case based on the one Kazuya received for Christmas:


Aquarium phone case


Shoppers who spend 5,000 yen or more can pack it all up in a specially designed bag featuring art of all four girls:


Rent-a-Girlfriend shopping bags


Exhibit attendees will also receive one of four randomly-chosen mini sketch papers with the price of admission:


Rent-a-Girlfriend mini sketches


Rent-a-Girlfriend throws recently-single college student Kazuya into a web of lies when a one-time rental date with Chizuru turns into long-term confusion. The two navigate family opinions, romantic entanglements, and Kazuya's possessive ex as they attempt to make the truth known, and figure out their own feelings. A second season has been announced.


Rent-a-Girlfriend Exhibit key visual


The Rent-a-Girlfriend exhibit runs until October 26 in Tokyo, and will run again in Osaka from December 24 to January 4.


>> Rent-a-Girlfriend Exhibit Website


Source: Comic Natalie


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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