'Blue Lock' Manga Artist Posts 4-Hour Daily Sleep Schedule on Twitter

Yusuke Nomura tracked his sleep over the last week with his Apple Watch



It's a known fact that manga creators don't get enough sleep, especially those who have a weekly serialization schedule. This fact was once again re-affirmed today when Blue Lock manga artist Yusuke Nomura tweeted out an image of their health app on iPhone which tracks Nomura's sleep (or lack of sleep) patterns through their Apple Watch, and the results are very tiring.





Translation of the above tweet:


"I've been watching the app since I started using my Apple watch to track my sleep, but my bedtime is too disjointed every day...


I get to have some extreme sleep on Saturday when the chapters are done."


As we can see Nomura gets on average 4 hours and 10 minutes of sleep during a week, which has the average blown out by the 8 hours of "extreme" sleep he's able to get once he finishes a chapter of Blue Lock is done. Blue Lock, which is written by Mineyuki Kaneshiro alongside Nomura as the artist, runs in Weekly Shonen Magazine against the likes of Rent-a-Girlfriend and Fire Force, which would explain why Nomura doesn't get enough sleep – weekly serializations are brutal, even on joint works. 


What's even worse is that Nomura is only in bed for 3 hours and 17 minutes of those 4 hours of sleep, meaning either the tracking is bugged in some way, or Nomura regularly falls asleep at his desk. He also usually only sleeps just as the sun comes up in Japan! 


Blue Lock


We hope that Nomura is able to get some rest and that his partner Kaneshiro is able to sleep as well. In fact, we hope that all manga creators are able to get enough sleep! 


Source: Yusuke Nomura on Twitter


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