Acting Idol Anime Gekidol Premieres Character Art for Three Leads

The media mix project premieres in anime form this January

Gekidol anime adaptation


Mixed media project Gekidol is finally making its way to anime this January after several years of planning and live events. Today, the multifaceted project has shared character settings for three of the cast's hopeful actresses.


Check out full shots of our first three heroines:


Seria Morino (CV Hikaru Akao)

Seria Morino character setting


Airi Kagami (CV Chihira Mochida)

Airi Kagami character setting


Izumi Hinazaki (CV Ayaka Suwa)

Izumi Hinazaki character setting


The overarching Gekidol project was created in hopes of bolstering interest in live theatre, with its in-series idols also performing as actresses in real-world plays. The first, Alice in Deadly School, was performed in Ikebukuro in 2016. An anime adaptation has been on the books for a while and is now showing signs of progress, with the stars of Gekidol reappearing in Deadly School as their characters' characters.


Gekidol key visual



Gekidol takes place five years after an unspecified disaster ravaged major cities around the world. Our hopeful actresss aim to take the stage in plays augmented by holographic technology.


The Gekidol anime adaptation premieres in January, with Alice in Deadly School currently in production.


>> Gekidol Official Website


Source: Ota-Suke


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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