Netflix Reveals Upcoming Slate of Anime Titles for 2021

Godzilla, Way of the House Husband, Baki Hanma, and more headline Netflix’s 2021 anime offerings

Netflix Anime Festival


Additional reporting by Daryl Harding


During the Netflix Anime Festival 2020, the streaming company announced 16 anime titles coming to the service. Hosted by Hisanori Yoshida with special guest Rio Uchida, the two walked through the company’s upcoming anime from previously announced series to upcoming features. The announcements below are in alphabetical order. 


Baki Hanma


The story of the strongest parent-child fight in history comes to its climax in the 3rd part of the Baki Hanma series, subtitled ‘Son of Orge,’ premiering on Netflix in 2021. Manga creator Keisuke Itagaki drew a special illustration of Baki for the announcement.



B the Beginning Succession


The second season of the popular B the Beginning anime series was announced during the presentation, entitled B the Beginning Succession. Netflix showcased the first images from the series as well as the new staff members.



Ichiro Kawasaki takes over from Kazuto Nakazawa as the director of B the Beginning Succession at Production I.G. with Nakazawa returning in a supervisory role and the rest of the staff and cast returning for the second season that is scheduled to stream in 2021.




Netflix released a brand new trailer and visual for the four-episode original series Eden, directed by Yasuhiro Irie with animation production by Qubic Pictures, coming in May 2021.



Godzilla: Singular Point


During the presentation, the first visual and teaser trailer for the upcoming Godzilla: Singular Point anime series from Studio Orange and Bones roared its way through the presentation hall.



The series will feature character designs by Kazue Kato (Blue Exorcist) and a new Godzilla design by Ghibli animator Eiji Yamamori. The series is currently scheduled to broadcast in April 2021.


High Rise Invasion


Netflix will release an anime adaptation of High Rise Invasion, based on the manga series by Takahiro Oba and Tsuina Miura (Ajin), in February 2021. The first two visuals of the series was released as well as the staff and cast. Directed by Masahiro Takata, with animation production by Zero-G.



Yoichi Ueda does the character designs, while Toko Machida works on the series composition, with music from tatsuo and Yoichi Sakai. Haruka Shiraishi, Shiki Aoki, Akira Sekine, Junya Enoki, and Yuichiro Umehara all lend their voices to the anime series.


Pacific Rim: The Black


After being announced in 2018, the first animated visuals and images of Pacific Rim: The Black anime series, based on the cult film series from Legendary Pictures, was released. The presentation showed off the opening title sequence of the 2021 series from Polygon Pictures and co-showrunners Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson.




Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness


Announced in September, TMS Entertainment and Quebico (the same studio behind Resident Evil: Vendetta) will be producing a brand new original series based on the Resident Evil franchise, featuring Resident Evil main characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. 



Rilakkuma's Theme Park Adventure


A continuation of the Netflix anime series, directed by Masahito Kobayashi with animation production by dwarf studios and San-X Co., Ltd.





After originally being announced on October 5, Netflix released the first trailer and visual for the newest adaptation of Spriggan. Based on the 1980s to 1990s manga series written by Hiroshi Takashige and drawn by Ryoji Minagawa, the new adaptation will be released on the platform in 2021.



Spriggan is directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi (Kiznaiver), with character designs from Shuhei Handa (Little Witch Academia) and series composition from Hiroshi Seko (Mob Psycho 100), and will be produced at david productions.


The Way of the House Husband


Based on the award-winning manga by Kousuke Oono, J.C.Staff will head the production of The Way of the House Husband. The series will be directed by Chiaki Kon, with Kenjiro Tsuda playing the main character Tatsu.



Thermae Romae Novae


A new season of the award-winning Thermae Romae series was announced during the presentation, entitled Thermae Romae Novae (novae means new!). A visual for the upcoming series was released. Mari Yamazaki will be drawing new episodes for the series. Production by NAZ.



Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan


All four episodes of the OVA anime series for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure spin-off Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan will be coming to Netflix in 2021.



Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy


Netflix announced during the live stream that the second chapter of Rooster Teeth's Transformers: War For Cybertron will be coming soon.





New anime series based in Manila, TRESE, was announced. The stream noted that because the series is being created in the Philippines, the creators will have a different perspective of Manila than someone not from the city.



Vampire in the Garden


Vampire in the Garden, a new original anime series from WIT STUDIO, was announced by Netflix. The vampire series, which is being directed by Ryotaro Makihara (The Empire of Corpses), with character designs and animation direction Tetsuya Nishio (Naruto) and art direction from Shunichiro Yoshihara (Attack on Titan), will be out on the platform in 2021.





Yasuke, headed by MAPPA and directed by LeSean Thomas, released the first character sheets of the Black samurai Yasuke as well as the legendary Oda Nobunaga, both drawn by character designer Takeshi Koike.



Lakeith Stanfield will voice Yasuke, with animation produced at MAPPA and music produced by Flying Lotus. Yasuke is scheduled for 2021 on the platform.


Netflix also discussed the current state of anime on the platform, saying that over 100 million households in nearly 100 countries around the world watch anime on the platform – which has one of the widest reaches of all streaming services –. In Japan, “almost 1 out of 2” households watch at least five hours of anime on the service every month, equal to at least one season of a 12 episode show.


Netflix Anime Festival




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