"Dennou Coil" Director Mitsuo Iso's New Film "Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls" Slated for Early Spring of 2022

A new studio, Production + h., was established for the production of this film



Two years and five months after the initial announcement back in May 2018, it is officially confirmed today that Mitsuo Iso (Dennou Coil)'s new original anime feature film Chikyugai Shonen Shoujo / Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls is set for a release in the early spring of 2022.


A new studio, Production + h., was established for this film. With investments from Avex Pictures, Asmik Ace, and others, the production has already begun.


A teaser visual drawn by the character designer Kenichi Yoshida (Eureka Seven) is also revealed.



Director Iso also posted a teaser trailer that was personally made with material in the planning stage last fall.






The story is set in the outerspace in 2045, where the Internet and AI become widely used. A group of boys and girls, who visited Japan's commercial station, encounter a large-scale accident and are left in the station all by themselves. Their only lifelines are narrowband that is barely survived, SNS, low-intelligence free app AIs, and drones that can be manipulated through smartphones. Using those items, will the junior high kids be able to survive through the crisis?





Source: "Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls" official website / Twitter, Mitsuo Iso Twitter 


©MITSUO ISO/avex pictures・Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls Production Committee


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