Chiai Fujikawa Sings Fall 2020 TV Anime Talentless Nana ED Theme in Digital World

"Bakemono to Yobarete" has been available digitally since October 30



Following the live-performance clip introduced two weeks ago, Chiai Fujikawa released a four-minute music video for her new song "Bakemono to Yobarete" (Calling me a monster). The melodious rock tune was newly written as the ED theme for the fall 2020 TV anime Talentless Nana.


The music video was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Kensaku Kakimoto, known for his MV works for Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mr. Children, RADWIMPS, Every Little Thing, ONE OK ROCK, and many more well-known artists. It depicts Fujikawa's powerful performance in a digital worldview where noise and other elements are mixed together.


"Bakemono to Yobarete" has been already available for digital subscription and download since October 30 and will be also included in her upcoming third album "HiKiKoMoRi" to be released on November 24, 2020.



"Bakemono to Yobarete" MV:



"Bakemono to Yobarete" live performance clip:



"Bakemono to Yobarete" digital single jacket:



"HiKiKoMoRi" CD jacket:



Artist photo:



Source: Nippon Columbia press release




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