New Demon Slayer Rings Commemorate the Characters of Mount Natagumo

New jewelry features imagery based on Rui, Kanao, and many more

More Demon Slayer Rings from Fan Fun Market


Last year, Fan Fun Market launched a line of Demon Slayer rings featuring imagery based on favorite series characters. The line has been added to ever since, with the latest additions featuring characters from Demon Slayer's Mount Natagumo Arc.


The five silver rings feature tiny inset gems in a color evocative of each character, as well as recognizable engraved patterns — like butterfly wings and flowers for Kanao, and spiderwebs for Rui:


Demon Slayer Ring (Kanao Tsuyuri)

Demon Slayer Ring (Genya Shinazugawa)

Demon Slayer Ring (Kagaya Ubuyashiki)

Demon Slayer Ring (Rui)

Demon Slayer Ring (Muzan Kibutsuji)


Each ring comes in a wooden collector's box with the Demon Slayer logo emblazoned on the front for safekeeping.


Demon Slayer Ring Box (closed)

Demon Slayer Ring Box (open)


The rings are available for pre-order from Fan Fun Market for 12,000 yen each. Pre-orders close November 30, and orders are expected to ship out in late February 2021.


Source: Anime! Anime!


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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