Celebrate Zoro's Birthday With a Fancy Three-Sword-Style Necklace

Drop some cash to represent Santoryu in style



It's November 11, and today we celebrate the birthday of One Piece's unstoppable—unless he gets lost, that is—swordsman, Roronoa Zoro! If you have some spare cash lying around, you can celebrate in even fancier style thanks to a new three-sword-style necklace that's now available at the U-Treasure online shop and Shinjuku store. 


The Santoryu necklace gives you the rare opportunity to dangle tiny versions of Zoro's three swords—Wado Ichimonji, Shusui, and Sandai Kitetsu—from your neck, complete with a charm featuring Zoro's New World skull icon, all in silver with black coating. Pre-orders are open from today through December 15, and the honor of fighting to the death with three iconic swords will run you a cool ¥17,600 ($167). 



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