The First Movie's Mewtwo is Previewed in 'Next Time' Trailer for Pokémon Journeys TV Anime

Mewtwo Strikes Back as Goh and Ash try and catch him!

Pokémon Journeys


The next episode of the Japanese broadcast sees fan-favorite Pokémon, Mewtwo, return to the anime series, once again voiced by Pokémon: The First Movie's voice actor Masachika Ichimura, reprising his role from the film, the remake, and the TV special sequel. After tonight's Japanese broadcast of the latest episode of Pokémon Journeys, the "next time" trailer previewed Mewtwo in his first newly animated appearance since 2001.



We reported last week that Ichimura was reprising his role in a new three-episode arc for the long-running franchise, with the first episode, titled "Battle & Get! Mewtwo's Revival" in Japan, airing on November 20 – next Friday in Japan. Fans overseas will have to wait a while to see the episode though, as Netflix is releasing the series in the United States in batches, with the third part coming December 4 (this episode will likely be part of the fourth batch sometime in 2021).


Previously released poster for the upcoming arc:

Pokémon Journeys


Source: Pokémon on YouTube


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Daryl Harding is a Japan Correspondent for Crunchyroll News. He also runs a YouTube channel about Japan stuff called TheDoctorDazza, tweets at @DoctorDazza, and posts photos of his travels on Instagram

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