Gods Party Down in To-totsuni Egypt Shin Web Anime Trailer

Series featuring yuka's adorable mascot characters hits streaming sites in Japan on December 07, 2020

Thoth and Anubis freak out at the prospect of pizza in a scene from the upcoming To-totsuni Egypt Shin web anime.


The gods of ancient Egypt are preparing to party down, because a new trailer has been published for To-totsuni Egypt Shin, an upcoming web anime featuring the social media mascot characters developed by yuka that re-imagine the Egyptian pantheon as cute little critters leading laid-back lives.



Set in a world where the gods of ancient Egypt live free and lackadaisical lives, To-totsuni Egypt Shin follows the everyday adventures of the Egyptian pantheon, including: Bastet, who loves to sing and dance; Medjed, who is always expressionless; Horus, who works a part-time job; Set, who loves causing mischief; and Ra, who tends to set out on journeys and then come back half-way through them.


A key visual for the upcoming To-totsuni Egypt Kami anime adaptation, featuring the gods of the Egyptian pantheon in chibi form.


To-totsuni Egypt Shin is directed by Katsuya Kikuchi and features animation production by Typhoon Graphics. The series will begin streaming in Japan on sites such as U-NEXT, d Anime Store, ABEMA, FOD, GYAO!, DMM.com and more beginning on December 07, 2020.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyrght notice: © yuka / To-totsuni Egypt Shin Project


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