All Eight Members of "Aikatsu 8 2020" Unit for New Project Announced

A new music video by the eight members with Hana will be posted on December 3


To support the upcoming new project Aikatsu Planet!, the Aikatsu! franchise held an online poll to choose the eight members of the new unit "Aikatsu 8 2020" from August 8 to September 6. The franchise's official YouTube channel has been announcing its members one by one since early this month, and its last member, Ichigo Hoshimaya, was finally revealed on November 30. 


In the first TV anime, the original unit "Aikatsu 8" was formed twice. The members of the first one formed in 2014 were Mizuki Kanzaki, Mikuru Natsuki, Ichigo Hoshimiya, Otome Arisugawa, Yurika Todo, Seira Otoshiro, Sora Kazesawa, and Maria Himesato. Those of the second one in 2015 were Ichigo Hoshimiya, Mizuki Kanzaki, Aoi Kiriya, Ran Shibuki, Sakura Kitaouji, Yurika Todo, Sumire Hikami, and Akari Ozora.  



The members of "Aikatsu 8 2020" are:


  • Ichigo Hoshimiya (Aikatsu!)
  • Akari Ozora (Aikatsu!)
  • Yurika Todo (Aikatsu!)
  • Yume Nijino (Aikatsu Stars!)
  • Ako Saotome (Aikatsu Stars!)
  • Aine Yuuki (Aikatsu Friends!)
  • Mio Minato (Aikatsu Friends!)
  • Raki Kiseki (Aikatsu on Parade!)


It is also announced in the clip that a new music video performed by the eight members with Hana, the protagonist Mao Otoha's avatar in the franchise's next TV series Aikatsu Planet!, will be posted at 18:00 (JST) / 01:00 (PT) on December 3.





Aikatsu Planet!, the Aikatsu! franchise's first live-action and animation hybrid TV show is set to premiere on TV Tokyo and its affiliate stations in Japan on January 10, 2021.



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Source: "Aikatsu!" official YouTube channel





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