Tomie and Slug Girl Headline a Terrifying New Line of Junji Ito Funko Pops

Check out all the new figures, including the BAM! exclusive Hideo

Junji Ito Funko Pop! versions of Souichi and Fuchi


Funko Pop! collectors, get ready to make your toy shelves absolutely terrifying.


A new line of the big-headed action figures is on its way, featuring characters from the works of horror manga-ka Junji ito. Inspired by the anthology series Junji ito Collection, the set covers all the greats: the beautiful but deadly Tomie, the cursed Slug Girl, and more.


NYCC Souichi special edition


As reported by Bloody Disgusting, the Junji Ito line was christened in September with a NYCC limited-edition Souichi Tsuji Pop. This variant of the recurring Ito character featured him decked out with everything necessary to cause some serious supernatural trouble.


The new line includes a similarly haunted Souichi, this time hassling a spider with chopsticks. Also in the line are Yuuko of "Slug Girl," complete with cursed slug tongue; the beautiful regenerating Tomie as depicted in "Painter"; and monstrous model Miss Fuchi of "Rumors" and "Fashion Model."


Books-A-Million will also be offering an exclusive fifth figure: the hole-filled Hideo of "Shiver."


Funko Pop! Junji Ito line


Slug Girl, Souichi, Tomie, and Miss Fuchi are currently available for pre-order from Hot Topic. The cursed Hideo figure is available for pre-order from Books-A-Million.


Source: @OriginalFunko on Twitter


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


Need more shivers? Watch Junji Ito Collection on Crunchyroll!

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