Gintama THE FINAL Anime Film to Give Out Demon Slayer Illustrations from Gintama Creator

Hideaki Sorachi's bonus revealed ahead of the film's January 8, 2021 opening in Japan



The official website for the Gintama anime franchise has started streaming a 90-second full trailer for the forthcoming all-new feature film Gintama THE FINAL featuring its insert song "Douraku Shinjyou" (Delightful Emotions) performed by DOES and the theme song "Wadachi" (rut) by SPYAIR.  In the clip, the all-star characters gather for the climax battle against the series' last enemy, Utsuro. 


This is the sixth theme song by DOES for the Gintama franchise. And it is confirmed that the three-member rock band provides one more insert song for the film, titled "Breakdown."    


Also at the end of the clip, the protagonist Gintoki Sakata announced that the film's first-week theatergoers will receive the Demon Slayer illustration card of Tanjiro and the Hashira newly drawn by the Gintama manga author Hideaki Sorachi, as well as a limited number of 30 types of "Successive episodes and 'Gintama The Final'" film-style stickers.



Full trailer:





As the third feature film from the Gintama franchise following Gintama: The Movie (2010) and Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya (2013), Gintama THE FINAL is scheduled to be released in Japan on January 8, 2021. 



Poster visual:








Source: "Gintama" anime official website / Twitter 


©Hideaki Sorachi/SHUEISHA, TV Tokyo, Dentsu, BNP, Aniplex


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