Spade Kingdom Arc Looms in New Black Clover Key Visual and Cast Additions

Get ready for the new story along with new OP/ED and more on January 5

Black Clover


Just a few days ago, the Black Clover anime revealed a new cast member and new OP and ED theme artists for the next chapter of the saga, which is about to enter the Spade Kingdom arc. The changes begin on January 5, and Jump Festa 2021 Online introduced a new key visual to go along with it all.


Black Clover Spade Kingdom key visual



The stage event also announced two new cast members: 


Yui Ogura is Vanica Zogratis



 Tatsuhisa Suzuki is Zenon Zogratis




As previously reported, the new OP is Snow Man's "Grandeur," and the new ED is TREASURE's "BEAUTIFUL." 


One of the other already announced new key characters is Dante Zogratis, who will be voiced by Rikiya Koyama (Mamoru Takamura in Hajime no Ippo) in the anime. 


You can catch new episodes of Black Clover on Crunchyroll every Tuesday.




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