Makoto Shinkai Discusses How He Got Pretty Cure in Weathering with You

"I love Precure, so I really wanted to put it in the film."

Weathering with You


During the first broadcast of Makoto Shinkai's hit 2019 anime film Weathering with You on TV Asahi in Japan last night, Japanese fans of Pretty Cure re-ignited the love the film showed to the 2004 TV anime series with the appearance of cosplayers at a Comiket-like event in the film, with both becoming a trending topic on Japanese messaging boards. Around Weathering with You's Japanese release, which was dug up by Oricon, Shinkai explained how he was able to get the Toei characters in a Toho film and why he did so.


In Weathering with You, two Pretty Cure cosplayers hire the main leads to clear the rain away for a Comiket-like event at Tokyo Big Sight so they can shine in the sunlight. In the first scene we meet the Pretty Cure cosplayers, not only do they appear, but Aqua from KONOSUBA, Hatsune Miku, and even Toho's legendary monster Godzilla are in the background.


Weathering with You


Shinkai discussed in July 2019 on the MC Plus radio program that "Weathering with You is a Toho movie. But Pretty Cure, as you all know, is a Toei work. The hard truth is that there are some barriers that can't be crossed..." Somehow, Shinkai was able to cross those barriers. "With the permission of Toei, I was able to get cosplayers to appear as the first generation of Pretty Cure!" He ended the explanation with "the 'doujin spirit' is amazing."


The reasoning behind having Pretty Cure in Weathering with You comes down to just one simple point; he's a fan. "I love Precure, so I really wanted to put it in the film," the prolific anime director said. "Though, I may have gone a bit too far for something I liked!" 


Shinkai also noted that the Cure Black cosplayer was voiced by Kana Hanazawa, though she was not credited for the role.





Makoto Shinkai thanked people for watching the anime film on TV and the staff that made it. He noted that "I will try my best to make the next film even more enjoyable." We can't wait!


Source: Oricon


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