Armored Girls Wage War in Soukou Musume Senki TV Anime Trailer

Adaptation inspired by the "Little Battlers Experience" game series hits Japanese TV on January 06, 2021

Riko flashes a sarcastic thumbs-up in a scene from the upcoming Soukou Musume Senki TV anime.


Heads up, fans of cute anime girls wielding suits of powered armor! A new preview video has been published for Soukou Musume Senki ("The War Record of Armored Girls"), an upcoming TV anime based on the Little Battlers Experience (known as Danbooru Senki in Japan) series of action RPG video games developed by Level-5 about a group of girls who find themselves facing off against a dimension-spanning alien threat.



Soukou Musume Senki follows five young ladies who don suits of LBX ("Little Battler eXperience") power armor and wage war against the Mimesis, a species of malignant metallic life-forms that multiply across the multiverse and corrupt everything that they encounter.


A teaser visual for the upcoming Soukou Musume Senki TV anime, featuring the five main characters in their "Little Battler Experience" power armor.


Soukou Musume Senki is directed by Keitarou Motonaga and features series composition by Yasuyuki Muto, character design by Kumi Horii, and animation production by studio A-CAT. The series will broadcast in Japan on TOKYO MX, BS11, and Mainichi Broadcasting System beginning on January 06, 2020.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: © 2020 EXNOA LLC / LEVEL-5 Inc / Soukou Musume Senki Production Committee


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