The Fishing is Fine in Kawasemi-san no Tsurigohan Manga PVs

Voice actors Aya Uchida and Mariya Ise lend their talents to videos advertising fishing gourmet manga

A promotional image for the Japanese release of the third volume of the Kawasemi-san no Tsurigohan manga, as illustrated by Kiyomasa Masanoshita and published by Futabasha.


The third volume of Kawasemi-san no Tsurigohan ("Ms. Kawasemi's Fishing Meals"), a gourmet fishing manga by Kiyomasa Masanoshita about an unlikely pair of high school girls who bond over fishing and cooking, has just been released in Japan, and to celebrate Futabasha has published a pair of short preview videos featuring the voice talents of Aya Uchida and Mariya Ise.


In the videos, Aya Uchida provides the voice for Kawasemi Yamanashi, while Mariya Ise provides the voice for Masago Uotori. The videos come in both "sexy" and "horror" versions.




Kawasemi-san no Tsurigohan is serialized in Futabasha's Monthly Action magazine. The story of the series follows Kawasemi, a shy high school student who has recently transferred to a new school in the countryside, and Masago, a local girl who looks like a rural delinquent. One day Masago drags Kawasemi out into the wilderness on what turns out to be a fishing trip, and the "outdoor life" story about a girl who loves fishing and a girl who loves to cook begins.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: © Futabasha Publishers Ltd. All Rights Reserved


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