Creator of Rent-a-Girlfriend Comments on Anime Award Nominations

Reiji Miyajima shared a statement with Crunchyroll after the adaptation of his series received two nominations

Chizuru Rent-a-Girlfriend



Rent-A-Girlfriend was one of last year's fan favorites, and the series found its characters nominated for both Best Girl (Chizuru) and Best Couple (Kazuya & Chizuru). Reiji Miyajima, the writer and illustrator behind the manga source material, shared a statement with us expressing his gratitude to fans of the series around the world. His statement follows below:






I'm very honored that Rent-a-Girlfriend is nominated in two categories. The fact that Mizuhara Chizuru, who is filled with qualities that I believe make up the "ideal girlfriend," as well as her relationship with Kazuya, which is filled with qualities that I believe make up the "ideal couple" resonated with so many people around the world made me very happy. I hope taht my children will continue to make great strides."


- Reiji Miyajima

Creator of Rent-a-Girlfriend



If you're a fan of the series, be sure to cast your vote for Chizuru and Kazuya below!




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