VTuber Gawr Gura Swims Past 2 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Very well deserved A~

Gawr Gura


After only reaching 1 million subscribers in October 2020, shark VTuber Gawr Gura reached 2 million subscribers today as she was live-streaming herself traversing the lands of Skyrim with her trusty companion Sven. Gura is now the second most subscribed to VTuber channel on YouTube with only Kizuna Ai's main channel as the most subscribed ... for now.


Today's stream:



In just 4 months, Gura has become the top Hololive VTuber and the first from the agency to reach 2 million subscribers with her chumbuds helping her out! 


Hololive Productions is a Japanese VTuber talent agency that auditions talent to become VTubers and helps them grow into internet superstars. Gawr Gura is part of the first generation of English VTubers in the agency, which includes that of Mori CalliopeTakanashi KiaraNinomae Ina'nis, and Watson Amelia. Auditions for an English VSinger at Hololive is currently live.


Congratulations to the apex predator on her achievement! Very well deserved A~


Source: Gawr Gura on YouTube


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