Four Main VAs Having Fun in Winter 2021 TV Anime Wonder Egg Priority ED Theme MV

The CD single including the OP&ED songs will be released on March 10



Sony Music Japan's official YouTube channel has posted a full music video for "Life is Cider," the ED theme song for the winter 2021 original TV anime Wonder Egg Priority. The pop tune is performed by the unit "Anemoneria," which consists of the anime's four main voice actresses.



The name of the unit is a combination of the four characters' first name, "Ai," "Neiru," "Rika," and "Momoe," as well as "Anemone," the name of a flower. The CD single including the OP song "Sudachi no Uta" and the ED song "Life is Cider," both are sung by them, is set to be released on March 10, 2021.



"Life is Cider" MV:



"Sudachi no Uta" visual:



"Life is Cider" visual:



Anemoneria artist photo:



"Wonder Egg Priority" key visual:



Source: Sony Music Labels press release




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