Syuichiro Moriyama, the Voice of Porco Rosso, Passes Away at 86

Also appeared in Jormungand and Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies

Porco Posso


The management office for voice actor Syuichiro Moriyama announced this afternoon in Japan that the prolific actor and voice actor has passed away on February 8 at the age of 86 from complications with pneumonia. The office thanked fans and affiliated people for their support of Moriyama throughout his 63-year career. He is most known to fans worldwide as the voice of Porco Posso from the Hayao Miyazaki-directed, Studio Ghibli-produced anime film of the same name.





Moriyama started acting in the 1960s in TV police procedurals and historical dramas, eventually making his way into films in the era, including dubbing over the Iranian parts in the Golgo 13 1973 live-action film. During the same period, Moriyama appeared in classic series such as Princess Knight, Tiger Mask, and a slew of other TV and anime film productions, including Astro Boy. He is most known around the world as the voice of Porco Posso in Porco Posso, and King Gourmeth in the Japanese version of Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies.


In his later years, in anime, Syuichiro Moriyama voiced Zhuqiaomon in Digimon Tamers, and the narrator in Jormungand. Moriyama also provided the voice of Cid Aulstyne in the Final Fantasy Type-0 video game. 


Syuichiro Moriyama


We offer our deepest sympathies to the family of Syuichiro Moriyama. A funeral will be held for Moriyama with only the family in attendance. he was survived by his wife of 60 years, Keiko, three children, and two grandchildren.


Sources: Syuichiro Moriyama on Twitter, Oricon


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