Midnight Japanese Food Anime Gets Wobbly with Takezaki Oyster Video

Voice actor Mamoru Miyano narrates ultra-short gourmet anime produced by Saga Prefecture

An image of a particularly mouth-watering fried "takezaki oyster" from the Midnight Japanese Food Anime ultra-short animation series produced by Saga Prefecture to promote their local cuisine.


As previously reported, voice actor Mamoru Miyano is lending his unique talents to an ultra-short gourmet anime designed to promote the cuisine of Saga Prefecture, and now the first episode of the Midnight Japanese Food Anime (known in Japan as 23-ji no Saga-meshi Anime) series is available online.



Produced by Saga Prefecture, Midnight Japanese Food Anime is directed by Satoru Fujimoto and features animation production by Studio KAI. The series will run for 10 episodes, the first of which (above) is dedicated to the wobbly goodness of "takezaki oysters".


Source: Ota-suke


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