Most Popular Super Smash Bros. DLC Character Fan Predictions According to Twitter

The next character to get in on the Ultimate brawl is…

Super Smash Bros. fan predictions


Nintendo has a Direct live stream scheduled for tomorrow, and even though it's not explicitly focused on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the mere mention of The Big N gets Twitter bubblin' up with DLC character predictions. You've definitely seen some of the most requested characters time and time again, so we took a moment to run the numbers and see which potential fighters topped the list of most-tweeted additions to the roster


Some of the results may surprise you, while the top contenders will likely have you nodding sagely in agreement. Yes, we do want Goku to be in Smash, and if we wish hard enough and summon some serious Spirit Bomb energy maybe it'll happen some day! But then we wouldn't have anything left to dream about, would we? 


Let's just give all you radical dreamers out there something to think about while we wait for the next announcement to be made. Starting from the bottom and working our way up to the number one spot, here's how the ranking shook out along with the number of tweets each character received. 


15. Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes) - 89

14. Genos (Super Mario RPG) - 223

13. Master Chief (Halo) - 1,595

12. (tie) Doom Slayer (DOOM) - 2,368

12. ( tie) Shantae (Shantae) - 2,368

11. Waluigi (Mario series) - 2,584

10. Spyro (Spyro the Dragon) - 2,898

9. Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza) - 2,796

8. Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) - 3,000

7. Rayman (Rayman) - 3,023

6. Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) - 7,253


5. Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog) - 10,257


From Sonic Forces


4. 2B (NieR: Automata) - 14,791


From SoulCalibur VI


3. Goku (Dragon Ball) - 15,050


From Dragon Ball FighterZ


2. Dante (Devil May Cry) - 20,197


From Devil May Cry 5


1. Sora (Kingdom Hearts) - 77,211


From Kingdom Hearts III


And there you have it; Sora takes an insurmountable lead over the competition, ensuring that we will quite literally never hear the end of it until he finally makes it into a Smash game. Please, Masahiro Sakurai, if you're listening… we know you're tired, and you've earned some rest, but the Kingdom Hearts fans… they HUNGER. 


Which characters top your most-wanted list for Smash


Source: Miles Thomas via SproutSocial




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