Card Battle Anime MAZICA PARTY Hits Japanese TV in April of 2021

Original series produced by Takara Tomy and Dentsu features a "magic x party" theme

Main character Kezuru and cartoon mascot Balloonya share a moment of enthusiasm in a scene from the upcoming MAZICA PARTY TV anime.


Kids who love to card battle will soon have a new series to explore, because an original TV anime entitled MAZICA PARTY has been announced and it will broadcast on TV Osaka and TV Tokyo beginning in April of 2021. The main staff has been revealed for the series, including:


  • Original work: Takara Tomy / Dentsu
  • Main character design: Yusuke Omura
  • Original planning: Jiro Ishii
  • Director: Shinji Ushiro
  • Series composition: Yōichi Katō
  • Character design: Yoshihiro Nagamori
  • Art direction: Scott MacDonald
  • Color design: Naoto Kondo
  • Director of photography: Tatsuki Yukiwaki
  • Editor: Yoshiki Ushiroda
  • Music: Noriyuki Asakura
  • EDM Music Production: Music Plat
  • Sound director: Yasunori Ebina
  • OP theme song: "Mazica" by Yusuke Kamiji
  • ED theme song: "MAZICA PARTY" by Seven Billion Dots
  • Animation production: OLM


Kezuru invokes the power of a magical crystal in a scene from the upcoming MAZICA PARTY TV anime.


The main cast for MAZICA PARTY includes:


  • Mikako Komatsu as Kezuru.
  • Reina Kondō as Anya.
  • Junko Takeuchi as Balloonya.
  • Ryosuke Higa as Fuclock.
  • And Yurie Funato as Clutch.


Balloonya gets squashed by a pair of Mice Mazin in a scene from the upcoming MAZICA PARTY TV anime.


A card battle series with a "magic x party" theme, MAZICA PARTY follows the adventures of Kezuru, a junior high school student who becomes a magician after a fateful encounter with Balloonya, a magical critter that is a cross between a cat and a balloon. Together the duo collect "mazica" and attempt to save the world with party-like flair.


MAZICA PARTY will broadcast on the TV Osaka and TV Tokyo networks on Sundays during the 9:30 time slot beginning on April 04, 2021.


Source: Anime! Anime!


Copyright notice: © MAZICA PARTY PROJECT・TVO


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