Discotek Announces Sgt Frog and Dear Brother Releases, New 35mm Film Transfer of Project A-Ko and More

Original Project A-ko format found to be used in upcoming release

Magical Girl Ore


Discotek Media announced during their SUPER DISOTEK DAY stream even more upcoming releases of series including a limited-time release of Dear Brother, forthcoming releases of Nyanbo, Sgt Frog, and an update to their upcoming Project A-Ko release, and more.


Announcements made during the panel are in alphabetical order.


Dear Brother: 39 episode sub-only release expected this summer. The license period is unusually short and uncertain if it can be renewed, so Discotek advises fans not to wait on the release.



Dear Brother


Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~: 13 episode upscale release with the Sub and Media Blasters dub. The subtitles are also newly revised to be much more careful about the gender pronouns. Scheduled to release on May 25. 





KekkaishiWill be streaming on Crunchyroll soon with the sub and dub. Home video release date is still to be announced.




Magical Girl Ore12 episode sub-only release scheduled to release on May 25.



Magical Girl Ore


Memories: Blu-ray will have both restored and original versions, packed with extras, with a currently scheduled release of June. 






Michiri Neko: 13 episode (at 3 1/2 minutes each) sub-only release, currently scheduled to release this summer. 



Michiri Neko


Nyanbo: 24 episode (at five minutes each) sub-only release of the CG cubist cat show featured in Yotsuba&!. Scheduled to released this summer.





Sgt Frog:  All 358 episode sub-only SD-BD release, with the home video release date still to be announced. 



Sgt Frog


The panel also updated the status of the Project A-Ko restoration project noting that the original upscale project has been canceled with the 35mm film being found. A new, proper transfer has been made with further release plans to be announced. 






Kyle Cardine is an Associate Editor for Crunchyroll. You can find his Twitter here.

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