Gabi Is the Focus of This Week's Attack on Titan Final Season Episode Illustration

The 72nd episode of the long-running franchise is streaming now

Attack on Titan Final Season


Attack on Titan Final Season key animator Hone Hone, who finally gets to work on the series after being a fan for a long time, drew this week's illustration for episode 72 "Children of the Forest." Hone says they wanted to focus on Gabi, a character they loved, and the fluctuating morals of the characters in the series. 


As per every week, both the illustration and MAPPA's key animation are referencing the current episode of Attack on Titan, but don't overly spoil in said episode. This is your warning!





Attack on Titan Final Season


A piece of key animation of Leader Floch Forster from MAPPA was released, with the character holding something back...





Attack on Titan Final Season


Sources: Attack on Titan on TwitterMAPPA on Twitter


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