BanG Dream! Kasumi VA Aimi Releases Her New Single "ReSTARTING!!" Music Video

"I wrote the lyrics in the hope that it would be a cheering song for someone."



The official YouTube channel for voice actress Aimi, best known as Kasumi Toyama in the BanG Dream! mixed-media franchise, has posted a full music video for her new single song "ReSTARTING!!." She has also performed as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in the franchise's main female band, Poppin'Party.


After winning second place in the national finals of the "Find Ellie! Milky Holmes Voice Actor Audition Tour" in February 2010, she started attending Dwango Creative School and got her first leading role, Kazumi Tokiwa, in Futari wa Milky Holmes (2013). Meanwhile, she released five singles as a solo singer from Pony Canyon from 2011 to 2013.


As her first solo single from King Records, "ReSTARTING!!" is set to be released on April 7, 2021. She wrote the lyrics of all three songs in the single by herself. She says about its title song, "This is a song that I am looking forward to my future musical activities. It is a song to inspire Aimi myself, but I also wrote the lyrics in the hope that it would be a cheering song for someone. Please 'restart' the video and watch it over and over again!"






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Source: Aimi artist official website / Twitter


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