Opera Girls Fight with the Power of Music in takt op. TV Anime

Video game by DeNA also planned for series featuring heroines themed after works of classical music

Fate, a young lady who channels the power of Beethoven's Symphony No.5 in C Minor Op.67, prepares to perform in a scene from the project preview video for the upcoming takt op. mixed media project.


A new, opera-themed mixed media project entitled takt op. has been announced, and some of the key talent and cast members have been revealed for the upcoming TV anime and video game featuring heroines who fight to restore beauty to the world with the power of classical music and opera. Key staff members for the project include:


  • Original characters: LAM
  • Key pianist: Marasy
  • Background concept art: yish
  • Music historical research: Hirofumi Kurita (Conductor)



The cast of takt op. includes:


A character setting of "Fate", one of the heroines of the upcoming takt op. TV anime. Fate is a slender woman with pale skin, white hair, and green eyes who dresses in an elaborate red costume.



Kaede Hondo as "Fate", representing Ludvig von Beethoven's Symphony No.5 in C Minor Op.67.


A character setting of "Jupiter", one of the heroines of the upcoming takt op. TV anime. Jupiter appears as a trim young woman with dark hair and purple eyes. She wears elbow length black gloves, a modified sailor outfit in green and black, and a halo of golden stars.



Natsu Yorita as "Jupiter", representing Gustav Holt's Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity Suite 'The Planets' Op.32-4.


A character setting of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, a heroine from the upcoming takt op. TV anime. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is represented as a young woman in a pop idol costume with bright yellow hair arranged in twin tails and yellow stars instead of irises in her pink eyes. She has a shooting star barrette in her hair, and her idol outfit has stars, rainbows, and a keyboard mixed among its theme.



Maria Sashide as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", representing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's “Ah vous dirai-je, Maman”K.265(300e)12 variations in C Major for Piano.


A character setting of "Valkyrie", a heroine from the upcoming takt op. TV anime. Valkyrie is depicted as an armored woman with iridescent white hair and pale green eyes. She wears a golden hair ornament resembling horse ears and is clad in a breastplate, pauldrons, and gauntlets of white and gold.


 Sumire Uesaka as "Valkyrie", representing Richard Wagner's Die Walküre.


A character setting of "Carmen" from the upcoming takt op. TV anime. Carmen appears as a women with tan skin and dark hair, dressed as a flamenco dancer. Her clothing is red, black, and gold, and her hair has purple highlights in it.


And Yukari Hanamori as "Carmen", representing Georges Bizet's Carmen.


A key visual for the upcoming takt op. TV anime featuring a musical conductor in the act of director an orchestra with his back to the viewers, the character known as "Fate", and an as-yet-unnamed but villainous looking character, as illustrated by LAM.


Set in a world where music has been all but forgotten, takt op. tells the faterful story of several young women called "Musicart" that represent the scores of legendary pieces of music given physical form. Together, they fight to restore the joy and passion that music represents to the world.



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