Children's Hero Anpanman Soars to Tubi Streaming Service

Fox-owned streaming site distributes 10 movies from TMS Entertainment in English and Spanish

A promotional image for the Anpanman anime series, featuring the titular character and two of his bread-headed friends soaring through the sky in their superhero costumes.


Some big news for English and Spanish-language fans of Anpanman, a children's superhero with a pastry for a head created by Takashi Yanase: Tubi, a streaming website owned by FOX Entertainment, will be distributing English and Spanish-dubbed versions of 10 of the Anpanman theatrical anime films by TMS Entertainment, and the first entry - Anpanman: Apple Boy and Everyone's Hope - is already online. The other nine Anpanman films that Tubi will release include:


  • The Adventure of Happie
  • Star-Spirited Dollie
  • Purun, The Soap Bubble
  • The Secret of Fairy Rin-Rin
  • Blacknose and the Magical Song
  • Revive Banana Island!
  • Nanda and Runda from the Star of Toys
  • Shine! Kulun And The Stars of Life
  • Twinkle! Princess Vanilla Of Ice Cream Land


Tubi will stream the films in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. They describe the premise of Anpanman as follows: Anpanman – whose head is an anpan, a popular Japanese pastry – is a champion of justice who flies anywhere to help those in trouble, all the while keeping an eye out for his trusty nemesis, Baikinman.


Source: Official press release


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© Takashi Yanase/Froebei-kan,TMS,NTV

© Takashi Yanase/ANPANMAN PROJECT All Rights Reserved


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