Enjoy Life-Giving Squid and Romero Parfait at ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Café

Tasty event is scheduled to invade Harajuku next month



Franchouchou is hungry for revenge — and for chicken burgers and adorable parfaits!


A new collab café for ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE is coming to Harajuku, with a fresh menu inspired by the popular returning series. Taking place at Tokyo's HARAJUKU BOX cafe&space, the limited-time event is serving up dishes inspired by the series, its stars, and Saga Prefecture delicacies.


For mains there's a Franchouchou burger (grilled chicken burger with a side of pink mashed potatoes), grilled chicken and rice a la Drive-In Tori with pink tartar sauce, and chanpon (a Chinese-inspired Saga delicacy) with an adorable napping Romero on top:


Franchouchou Burger

Harajuku Torimeshi

Napping Romero Chanpon


Then for dessert, get spooky with a Romero cotton candy parfait, an eyeball-covered Franchouchou cream puff, or a sweet squid — actually a crepe filled with red bean paste, green tea ice cream, and warabi mochi:


Romero Parfait

Franchouchou Cream Puff

Squid Crepe Dessert


There are sweet drinks themed to each idol as well: strawberry for Sakura, mango for Saki, Blue Hawaii for Ai, lychee for Junko, blueberry for Yugiri, lemonade for Lily, and black sesame milk for Tae. Or you can be like Kotaro and grab one Mysterious Producer latte and go home.


Drinks: Sakura

Drinks: Saki and Ai

Drinks: Junko and Yugiri

Drinks: Lily and Tae

Kotaro Latte


As a bonus gift, every dish ordered will come with a replica Franchouchou ticket sticker, and every drink will come with a coaster:


Franchouchou Ticket Stickers and Coasters


You'll also be able to pick up lots of cute goods featuring the event's key art, including keyrings, acrylic coasters, pinback buttons, towels, clear files, and standees:


Franchouchou Keyrings

Franchouchou Coasters

Franchouchou Buttons

Franchouchou Microfiber Towel

Franchouchou Clear Files

Franchouchou Clear Files

Franchouchou Acrylic Standees


These goods will also be available in the café's online store during its open period in limited quantities.


The ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE café is scheduled to run from May 20 to June 27. Keep an eye on the event's official Twitter account for updates and potential schedule changes.


Source: Comic Natalie


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


Revenge is sweet — watch ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE every week on Crunchyroll!


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