Eir Aoi Rocks Out in TV Anime BACK ARROW 2nd OP Theme MV

Her 19th single CD will be available on June 16



The official YouTube channel for anison singer Eir Aoi has started streaming a full music video for her 19th single song "Kodou" (beat). The rock tune is now featured as the second cour OP theme for the TV anime BACK ARROW, whose first cour's OP theme "dawn" was performed by LiSA.


Eir Aoi started "Eir Land Festival 2021 ~Aoi Kibou~," a short concert tour for her fan club memebrs, at Pacifico Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture on May 9, and sang a total of 11 songs. In front of about 2,000 fans, half of the venue's original capacity, she performed "Kodou" on the stage for the first time. The CD single of the song is set to be released on June 16, 2021.



"Kodou" MV:



Creditless anime OP movie:



Photos from the MV shooting:



First press limited edition CD:



Standard edition:



Time-limited edition:



Photos from the first day of ""Eir Land Festival 2021 ~Aoi Kibou~":




Artist photo:



Source: Sony Music Lables press release


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