The King of Fighters XV Gets Tough And Calls Out The Ikari Warriors With Leona Heidern In New Trailer

The latest addition joins Ryo and Robert in the powerful roster


The latest King of Fighters XV character reveal is sure to rile up fans of the Ikari Warriors! SNK's latest preview highlights the one and only Leona Heidern of Team Ikari Warriors. Check out the trailer below to see the Seiko Yoshida-voiced Leona in action.



If you missed any of the previous trailers, here's who we have so far:


Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia

Benimaru Nikaido



Iori Yagami

Joe Higashi

Kyo Kusanagi

Chizuru Kagura

Andy Bogard

Yuri Sakazaki

Terry Bogard

Yashiro Nanakase


Mai Shiranui





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