Everyday Romance Manga Ukiwa Gets Live-Action TV Drama Adaptation

Three volume series by Munehiro Nomura depicts a pair of lonely next door neighbors slowly falling in love

An image of the three collected manga volumes of Ukiwa, a manga written and illustrated by Munehiro Nomura.


Some quick news for fans of forbidden romance: Ukiwa, a slice-of-life manga by Munehiro Nomura about a woman and a man who live next door to one another slowly falling in love despite already being married to other people, is being adapted into a live-action drama that will broadcast on Japanese TV. Additional details about the series, such as the cast, the crew, and the release window, will be revealed at a later date.


The cover of the first volume of the Ukiwa manga, written and illustrated by Munehiro Nomura and published in Japan by Shogakukan's Big Spirits Comics imprint. The cover depicts the main character, a house wife named Maiko, standing on the veranda of her apartment holding a swim ring on a tether with the tether trailing off along the veranda railing toward the neighboring apartment.


Originally serialized in Shogakukan's Yawaraka Spirits seinen manga magazine and also collected into three volumes and published by Shogakukan's Big Spirit Comics imprint, Ukiwa ("Swim Ring") tells the story of Maiko, a house wife whose husband is cheating on her, and Futaba, a salaryman whose wife is cheating on him. Maiko and Futaba live next door to one another in the same apartment complex, and through their tiny, daily interactions, the two of them gradually become "more than friends, less than lovers".


Source: Comic Natalie


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