Battle Gods Rumble in Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi TV Anime Trailer

New key visual, key staff, and main cast revealed for upcoming adaptation based on dark fantasy manga

Hayato catches a sneaker to the face courtesy of an exasperated Rin in a scene from the upcoming Heion Sedai no Itaden-tachi TV anime.


Get ready for a divine whupping, because a new trailer, a new key visual, key staff members, and the main cast have all been revealed for Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi ("Idaten Deities in the Peaceful Generation"), an upcoming TV anime based on the dark fantasy manga written by Amahara (Interspecies Reviewers) and illustrated by coolkyousinnjya (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) about a group of battle-gods whose mettle is tested when demons return to a world that has known peace for hundreds of years.


The main staff for the series includes:


  • Director: Seimei Kidokoro
  • Series composition, screenplay: Hiroshi Seko
  • Character design: Nao Ootsu
  • Original work: "Heion Sedai no Itaden-tachi" by Amahara and coolkyousinnjya (serialized in Hakusensha's Young Animal seinen manga magazine)
  • Animation production: MAPPA


The main cast for Heion Sedai no Itaden-tachi includes:


A character setting of Hayato from the upcoming Heion Sedai no Itaden-tachi TV anime. Hayato is a young man with spikey blonde hair and a sour expression who dresses in casual street clothes.


Romi Park as Hayato.


A character setting of Easley from the upcoming Heion Sedai no Itaden-tachi TV anime. Easley is a young man with spectacles and blue hair who dresses in a green school uniform and boots.


Megumi Ogata as Easley.


A character setting of Paula from the upcoming Heion Sedai no Itaden-tachi TV anime. Paula is a buxom young lady with blonde hair (with green tips) arranged in twin tails, and she wears a blous and dress with a long skirt.


Yui Horie as Paula.


A character setting of Rin from the upcoming Heion Sedai no Itaden-tachi TV anime. Rin is slight-framed young person with long blonde hair in a ponytail, and they dress in a martial arts uniform with baggy pants.


And Akemi Okamura as Rin.



In Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi, eight hundred years have passed since the warrior god Idaten sealed away the demons and saved humanity from the brink of extinction. Now peace reigns over the land, and the battle between Idaten and the enemies of humanity is little more than an ancient myth. Suddenly, the demons revive from their long slumber and confront the descendants of Itaden, none of whom have ever fought a real battle before, and a no-holds-barred three-way conflict erupts between the demons, the battle-gods, and the forces of humanity.


A new key visual for the upcoming Heion Sedai no Itaden-tachi TV anime, featuring the main cast of gods and demons tumbling through a chaotic scene.


Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi is scheduled to begin broadcasting in Japan as part of Fuji TV's "noitaminA" programming block on Thursdays during the 24:55 time slot (actually on Friday morning at 12:55am JST) beginning on July 22, 2021.


Source: Comic Natalie


Copyright notice: © Amahara・coolkyousinnjya・Hakusensha / "Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi" Production Committee


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