TV Anime Getter Robo Arc Releases 3rd Key Visual & PV for July 4 Premiere

The OP theme song by JAM Project will be released on July 14



Along with the third key visual and PV, the official website for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of Getter Robo Arc, the final installment of the Getter Robo Saga manga series created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa, announced today that it is set to premiere on AT-X and TOKYO MX in Japan on July 4, 2021. 


Following the first PV's "HEATS 2021" by Hironobu Kageyama and the second PV's "STORM 2021" by JAM Project, the third PV finally features the anime's OP theme song "Bloodlines ~Unmei no Kettou (The Fatal Bloodline)~" by JAM Project. The song is the unit's first anime theme work in two years and will be released as their 71st single on July 14, 2021.


The clip also introduces the anime's four main character voices - Yuuma Uchida as Takuma Nagare, Arihiro Mukaino as Sho Kamui, Kazuhiro Sunseki as Baku Yamagishi, and Naoya Uchida as Hayato Jin for the first time. 



3rd PV:



3rd key visual:



The Getter Robo Arc manga was based on the original story by Nagai and Ishikawa, and Ishikawa and Dynamic Production worked on illustrations. As a sequel to the manga edition of Getter Robo Go, it was serialized Futabasha's Super Robot Magazine from 2001 to 2003. Due to the suspension of the manga's publication, it had to end only with its first arc. With the death of Ishikawa in 2006, the manga and the Getter Robot Saga have remained unfinished.


Jun Kawagoe, who has worked on the Getter Robo anime series since 1998, is once again attached to direct. He worked on Change!! Getter Robo: The Last Day of the World (1998 / episode 4-13), Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo (2000), and New Getter Robo (2004). Bee・Media works on anime production.





Source: "Getter Robo Arc" official website / Twitter


©Go Nagai, Ken Ishikawa/Dynamic Production, Shinsaotome Laboratory


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