Aquarium Anime Aquatope of White Sand Hits Japanese TV in July

Broadcast schedule revealed for upcoming original "girl-meets-girl" youth ensemble drama set in Okinawa

Kukuru Misakino smiles while working in the aquarium in a scene from the upcoming Aquatope of White Sands TV anime.


The Japanese broadcast schedule (below) has been revealed for Aquatope of White Sand (known in Japan as Shiroi Suna no Aquatope), an upcoming original TV anime about two young women who meet and bond at their jobs working in an aquarium in Okinawa that is teetering on the brink of financial ruin.



A "girl-meets-girl" ensemble youth drama set in Nanjō City, Okinawa, Aquatope of White Sand tells the story of Fuuka Miyazawa, a former idol who gives up on her dreams in Tokyo and moves to Okinawa, and Kukuru Misakino, a high school girl who serves as the acting director of the Gamagama Aquarium. Kukuru invites Fuuka to work at the aquarium, but the aquarium is in a financial crisis and is on the verge of shutting down.


A new key visual for the upcoming Aquatope of White Sand TV anime, featuring the main cast of aquarium workers posing with a trio of penguins in front of a tropical fish tank.


Aquatope of White Sand is directed by Toshiya Shinohara and features animation production by P.A. Works. The series is scheduled to broadcast in Japan according to the following TV schedule:


  • TOKYO MX: every Thursday during the 24:00 time slot beginning on July 08, 2021.
  • BS Fuji: every Thursday during the 24:30 time slot beginning on July 08, 2021.
  • Mainichi Broadcasting System: every Tuesday during the 27:00 time slot beginning on July 13, 2021.
  • Ryuku Broadcasting Corporation: every Thursday during the 25:34 time slot beginning on July 08, 2021.


Please note that some Japanese TV schedules count early-morning programming as late-night programming of the previous day, so for example the 25:34 time slot on Thursday evening is actually on Friday morning at 1:34am JST.


Source: Ota-suke


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