What Are the Odds of Nobita's Terrible Test Scores in Doraemon?

Science instructor Rikao Yanagita looks at the math behind one of the laziest students in children's manga

Doraemon and Nobita freak out over one of Doraemon's fantastical inventions in a scene from the Doraemon TV anime.


June 2nd is "Guutara Kansha no Hi" ("Thank Goodness for Slackers Day"), a fictional holiday from the Doraemon children's manga by Fujiko F. Fujio that honors the joys of being a lazy good-for-nothing, and to celebrate the occasion Rikao Yanagita, a lecturer at Meiji University's department of science and engineering and the author of The Dream-Science Laboratory book series, crunched the numbers behind Nobita's terrible test scores.


After spending two days reading all 45 volumes of the Doraemon manga, Yanagita discovered that the subject of studying and Nobita's poor academic skills comes up in a total of 170 chapters. Nobita's test scores are specifically mentioned a total of 43 times, and Nobita scores zero points on 26 of those tests, giving him an approximately 60% rate of total failure. His first zero point score appears in Volume 2, and from there to Volume 20, Nobita scores a zero on his tests 7 times in a row.


Additionally, Yanagita notes that in the anime adaptation of the "Test ni Ankipan" chapter of Doraemon, Nobita gets zero points on two consecutive twenty question true-false quizzes. The odds of this result are calculated at 1 / (2^40), or 1 in 1,099,511,627,776. Truly, Nobita's poor study skills are in the trillions!


Source: Yahoo! News Japan via My Game News Flash


Copyright notice: © Fujiko Pro / ©SHIN-EI & TV Asahi


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